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Our vision is to enlighten, equip and empower individuals as well as churches, in this generation. Through life changing lectures, practical training, and media, we strive to spread the gospel by helping others to healthy and meaningful lives.

Empower Church is a branch and supplement of Empower Missions. We seek to inspire, support and help the church to fulfill it’s mission and vision. At this website you find resources for Seventh-Day Adventists. Visit our other websites for more:

Empower Missions is run on a voluntary basis. We are based in Scandinavia and Spain, but serve at various places around Europe.

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Christian Hjortland Christian Hjortland is founder of Empower Missions and is serving full time as Director. He is a nurse, photographer and graphic designer, and has served as chaplain, bible worker, and guest teacher at several mission schools. Christian is co-founder of the IMPACT movement which had its beginning in Norway. After getting trained at Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, he became more passionate about sharing God’s word. His dream is to see the church revived, and to see Christ coming in this generation.




Joakim, chrisphotodesign.org smallJoakim Hjortland is Associate Director and Speaker at Empower Missions. At the age of 17 God drastically changed the direction of his life from pursuing a career as a professional soccer player to being a passionate missionary. Since then he has lived an exciting but busy life of service. Joakim is a young international speaker, the co-founder of IMPACT, the ASI Scandinavia Convention and the author of A Prophet for This Generation. Currently he is an elder of Bergen Seventh-day Adventist Church, the President of IMPACT, a member of the Norwegian Union Conference Executive Committee and a “tentmaker” in the making. Joakim’s vision is to Inspire Members to Proclaim the Advent of Christ Together – in this generation.


Joel MellinJoel Mellin works as a Lecturer & Business Manager at Empower Missions. He has a master in physics and has also studied nutrition. Joel has served in areas from health and education to business. He went to a Bible school 2009 and then to Norway to work as a teacher. From 2013 he has worked as a meteorologist for the Swedish Television. During that time God made it possible for him to start a bakery and share the health message. His goal is to wake people up with the three angels messages and prepare them for the coming of Christ.




Ketil Hjortland, Empower MissionsKetil Hjortland is Health Counselor at Empower Missions and has served as a physical therapist for many years, mostly in Sweden. His life took a new direction when he asked God for personal guidance in his life: Surrendering his job and life in Sweden, and answered God’s call to move to Norway with his family. Now he is serving as a Physical Education Teacher at Tyrifjord Videregående Skole, Adventist High school in Norway. He is married to Barbro and together they have 5 wonderful children. Ketil loves working with youth and is eager to share the gospel, and to encourage a healthy lifestyle.




Doug Batchelor

I am pleased to recommend support for the new Ministry in Europe of Christian and Joakim Hjortland, Empower Missions (www.empowermissions.org). I first met and got to know Christian as a dedicated Adventist when he attended the AFCOE program of Amazing Facts in California in late 2010. Both Christian and his brother Joakim are instructors at AFCOE-Europe, and have recently established Empower Missions in Europe which seeks to empower, equip and help individuals as well as churches to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through practical training, lectures, and media. Empower Missions is active around Europe and is dedicated to Adventist beliefs and values. Joakim’s book on Ellen G. White, “A Prophet for This Generation: A Call to Receive God’s Gift and Go Home” will soon be published. Joakim is a member of the Board of the Norwegian Union of Seventh Day Adventists. We at Amazing Facts will be praying that the ministry of these young Adventist evangelists will rekindle the spirit of revival and reformation so necessary today.

Doug Batchelor President, Amazing Facts

It has been a pleasure for me as a SDA pastor to have worked together with the brothers Joakim and Christian Hjortland for a number of years in connection with youth work in Norway. Many individuals and churches have been blessed by their youthful optimism, and sincerity. Their love for Christ and their eagerness for the advancement of his Kingdom is evident in the way they conduct themselves both in word and action. It is evident that they both look forward to His soon return in glory.

Sven Arvid Gustavsen Pastor, Norway

I have been working with both Christian and Joakim and it has been inspiring for me as a pastor. In spite of their young years, they have already gathered much valuable experience. Many churches can definitely be blessed by their energy and vision for the church in the end times. Both are gifted persons, but the best thing is that they would like to use their talents for the glory of God.

Bengt Fjellberg Pastor, Norway

I got to know Joakim and Christian during youth conferences and IMPACT mission trips. I do appreciate their love for Jesus and their commitment to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Their zeal for Jesus and his commission is truly inspiring and motivating. I really liked getting to know them and am very happy for their ministry.

Philipp Reiner Pastor, Austria

Thank you for sending me your book, A Prophet for This Generation. The special contribution of this book is that it brings Ellen G. White’s work and message close to the reader, into the realm of everyday life. And it addresses questions that today’s believers and faith interested people carry in their hearts and minds. Congratulations. May many readers be motivated to make use of this God-given gift, which will help them to live life at its best. May God grant that, as we are now celebrating „100 Years of Ellen G. White’s Life & Work,“ many who read this book will discover, accept and adopt her heaven sent messages and day by day be changed more into Christ’s likeness.

Gabriel Maurer EUD Secretary General (2003-2015)

Ellen White was buried in an American graveyard 100 years ago, but her spiritual writings still change lives. In this book [A Prophet For This Generation] we see them reach down through the years, across the Atlantic Ocean, and have a massive impact on a young man living in secular Europe. Joakim’s lively style makes this a highly readable book. If you’re a sceptic, it will give you plenty of food for thought.”

Gary Krause Director, Office of Adventist Mission | Associate Secretary, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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